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A Wayfarer’s Guide – NEW TIDINGS BOOK IN 2018

by George Booker

A resource for fellow travellers on the Way of Life: word studies, insights into details of Scripture, perspectives on difficult questions, and analogies that relate to the spiritual life.

A sampling of the questions explored:

  • What does it mean to heap burning coals on your enemy’s head? (Prov 25:22)
  • Why does John’s gospel come last?
  • What is the day of small things? (Zech 4:10)
  • How does foot-washing apply today?
  • Why do we meet on Sunday and not Saturday?
  • How was Judas Iscariot the ‘friend’ of Jesus? (Matt 26:50)

UK Price is £10.00 plus postage. Order using the order form

Jews, Arabs and Bible Prophecy available as an e-book – NEW IN 2018

By Harry Whittaker

First published in the 1970s, an updated 2018 edition of this book is now available in e-book format – for Kindle and other e-book readers. When ordering you just need to use the comments box to let us know what format you would like at it will be emailed to you.

Cost £1 when ordered using Biblia Books order form.

Alternatively order online at Amazon for your Kindle, but cost is £1.99

Little Words – NEW TIDINGS BOOK IN 2017

by John Bilello

Little Words can mean a lot

The challenge of translating words from one language to another is not a trivial task. Words in any language are a product of culture, history, emotions and nuances that can often be difficult, if not impossible, to express exactly in another language. Yet the Bible conveys God’s Truth regardless of time, culture and language translation. There is no need to know the original ancient languages in order to properly understand its message.

Little Words explores the meanings of key Bible words, expanding on the subtleties of meaning and exploring applications to our walk in Christ.

273 pages. Price is £9.50 plus postage. Order using the order form



Harry Whittaker Books

Studies in the GospelsBrother Harry Whittaker published many books between the 1960s, when he was first asked to put some of his talk notes into book form, until his falling asleep in Christ in 1992. A handful of books were still in process of being prepared for publication at that time and were printed over the following few years.

The books listed below are all those currently available to purchase.

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Tidings Publications

These are books published by the Christadelphian Tidings of North America. Generally about two new books are released each year, and are available from a number of stockists. Biblia Books are the stockist primarily for the UK, as the Americas are served from the USA and Australia is served by an Australian agent.

Current Tidings Publications available from Biblia in the UK are:

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Audio Archive

This page has been created to make available audio recordings that you may find to be of interest.

Harry Whittaker recordings

Isaiah Chapters 40-66

These recordings are of chapters from bro Harry’s book on Isaiah. They were recorded on audio cassette and have simply been re-recorded digitally by playing the cassettes and sitting a digital recorder alongside – so quality is not great, with significant hiss.

Study 1-4

Study 5-8

Study 8cont to 11

Study 11cont-14

Study 15-17


Mark Whittaker recordings

My Lord delayeth his coming – a 2 part series given at fraternals, looking at the principle of delay that occurs right through scripture in both history and prophecy. This is followed by a consideration of what the implications are for last day disciples of the Lord delaying his return. These talks were recorded at Mountsorrel fraternal in 2016.

Part 1 – Principles of delay

Part 2 – Practical implications