Bible Studies – an Anthology

By Bro Harry WhittakerBible Studies - An Anthology

  • Who wrote Ecclesiastes?
  • What do the cherubim represent?
  • What does Paul mean by “saved, yet so as by fire?”
  • Where will the judgment take place?
  • What is the Song of Solomon really about?

The author’s aim with this wide-ranging anthology of studies was to foster a more eager spirit of exploration in God’s Word, and there should be plenty of material here to do just that for every Bible student. There are 18 different sections to the book, covering aspects of scripture as diverse as character studies, types and symbols, the cherubim and angels, the Law of Moses and the Tabernacle, as well as some word studies and elements of prophecy.

If you like a book on scripture that you can dip in and out of, rather than read cover to cover, then this book should suit you well.

Hardback, 422 pages.

UK Price £6.99 plus p&p

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  1. Hi Mark, I have been a big fan of Bro Harry’s writings since I first discovered them as a young man 30 years ago. I think I have everything he ever wrote, although I do wish he had put pen to paper on the Letter to the Hebrews as he said he might. You sure there’s nothing publishable there?

    Anyway, I notice that most of the books are out of print, and your comment that there are no plans to publish them online at present. You may be aware that many of his writings are available online at the Christadelphian Agora (set up by George Booker, although he is no longer actively involved), and some have also been converted as Logos (the Bible software, not the Australian magazine) Personal Books.

    I now do most of my Bible study on a laptop, and am keen to get all the books in some kind of electronic format – PDFs, e-Sword files, Logos Personal Books, or similar.

    Will this be possible at some point? If you don’t have the resources, would you be open to working with others to make this happen?

    1. Hi Michael, sorry for not replying earlier. I’m not sure which books you are referring to when you say that most of them are out of print – all the ones listed on the site are currently in print, so I think only about 4-5 are out of print. Is there anything in particular you are after?
      We are planning to create e-book versions of them all in due course, starting with those not in print – Jews, Arabs… Time of the End, Last Days would be the first to be done, I think. This last weekend we provided every book to a UK bro who is going to OCR-scan them first as a step towards having them electronically, and then once we’ve proofed the scanned texts we are going to have them converted by the same bro into Kindle and other e-book formats to make available to the community.
      So yes, we hope to get them all available electronically eventually. Will publicise via this website and e-announce when any are ready.

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