Audio Archive

This page has been created to make available audio recordings that you may find to be of interest.

Harry Whittaker recordings

Hezekiah the Great

Study 1

Study 2 and 3

Study 4

Isaiah Chapters 40-66

These recordings are of chapters from bro Harry’s book on Isaiah. They were recorded on audio cassette and have simply been re-recorded digitally by playing the cassettes and sitting a digital recorder alongside – so quality is not great, with significant hiss.

Study 1-4

Study 5-8

Study 8cont to 11

Study 11cont-14

Study 15-17

Mark Whittaker recordings

My Lord delayeth his coming – a 2 part series given at fraternals, looking at the principle of delay that occurs right through scripture in both history and prophecy. This is followed by a consideration of what the implications are for last day disciples of the Lord delaying his return. These talks were recorded at Mountsorrel fraternal in 2016.

Part 1 – Principles of delay

Part 2 – Practical implications