Jews Arabs and Bible Prophecy

Jews, Arabs and Bible Prophecy – Re-released in 2018 in both printed and Kindle e-book formats

By Harry Whittaker

First published in the 1970s, an updated 2018 edition of this book is now available in printed and e-book format for Kindle. You can order both versions on the Amazon website, or order the printed version using the order form on this site – cost £5 in UK and $6.50 in USA. 

This book challenges both those who believe the Bible message and those who don’t. For the believer it offers a different perspective on last day Bible prophecy than is usually accepted (at least by the Christadelphian community at large). For the non-believer it raises the challenge of how a book so old could so accurately predict events in the world that have unfolded over the last 100 years and which continue to shape the Middle East.

Though written in the 1970s, the principles taken from Bible prophecy which the author uses in his exposition are still relevant in the twenty first century, and seeing continued fulfilment in events across the Middle East.