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Little Words – NEW TIDINGS BOOK IN 2017

by John Bilello

Little Words can mean a lot

The challenge of translating words from one language to another is not a trivial task. Words in any language are a product of culture, history, emotions and nuances that can often be difficult, if not impossible, to express exactly in another language. Yet the Bible conveys God’s Truth regardless of time, culture and language translation. There is no need to know the original ancient languages in order to properly understand its message.

Little Words explores the meanings of key Bible words, expanding on the subtleties of meaning and exploring applications to our walk in Christ.

273 pages. INTRODUCTORY UK Price is £8.00 plus postage. Order using the order form

Faith in the Face of Adversity – WCF DVDDSCF1616

ThisLittle  DVD from WCF includes six real-life stories from around the globe of people who, believing in God, have faced dire personal calamity. They share their experiences and express their thoughts so that the viewer may be better equipped to deal with the challenges of adversity and support those in need.

Two additional segments offer guidance (by licensed counsellors) as to what both helps and hinders the grieving process. These are practical and supportive for anyone who may be facing loss or adversity. The DVD is designed to share with ecclesial members, family, friends and co-workers.

UK Price £1.50 including p&p. 50p when collected in person.

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