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Cain: His Life and Legacy – NEW TIDINGS BOOK IN 2016

by Matt Harrison

Cain, Abel and their descendants were real people who lived in a unique historical context that is relevant even now. This study probes the lessons of the period before the Flood and explores CainCover_shadowquestions Bible students have long asked, such as: How should we understand the mark of Cain? What happened to Enoch? Who were the Nephilim?

Cain is mentioned several times in the New Testament, although in the Old Testament he only appears in Genesis 4. Find out why was he was so significant to the early ecclesia.

106 pages. UK Price is £6.00 plus postage. Pre-order using the order form

Faith in the Face of Adversity – WCF DVDDSCF1616

This new DVD from WCF includes six real-life stories from around the globe of people who, believing in God, have faced dire personal calamity. They share their experiences and express their thoughts so that the viewer may be better equipped to deal with the challenges of adversity and support those in need.

Two additional segments offer guidance (by licensed counsellors) as to what both helps and hinders the grieving process. These are practical and supportive for anyone who may be facing loss or adversity. The DVD is designed to share with ecclesial members, family, friends and co-workers.

UK Price £1.50 including p&p. 50p when collected in person.

To order go to order form

A Bible Journal by bro George Booker (Tidings Publications)

305 pages. Price £11.50 plus p&p

This sequel to On the Way is the album of a spiritual journey, offering encouragement and food for thought to fellow travellers along the Way. Its pages present in-depth studies and thoughtful exhortations, as well as lighter meditations and musings. The subject matter is wide-ranging: practical issues, Bible exposition, biographical sketches, reflections on today’s world, personal viewpoints, and more. To order go to order form


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